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M.S.M (Methylsulphonylmethane) is an organic form of sulphur which is readily assimilated by the body. Sulphur is a vital element, often in short supply, which is needed to manufacture synovial fluid, cartilage and connective tissue. M.S.M has been found to help in reducing and preventing formation of scar tissue, it decreases inflammation in cells and increases elasticity in cell walls.

MSM has similar therapeutic benefits as mineral hot springs, as both are rich in sulphur that relieves arthritis, chronic back pain, tendonitis, bursitis, neck pain, muscle sprains and pains, carpal tunnel syndrome, athletic strains and pains, osteoarthritis or degenerative arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions.BetaPharm products MSM-RUB

MSM is a natural, safe, side effect-free remedy for many types of pain and inflammatory conditions. In its natural state it is an inconspicuous sulphur molecule found in plants, animals and in the human body. By chemistry standards MSM has a molecular weight of only 94 and is described as a feather- weight molecule. The characteristic structure and its low molecular weight allows it to easily pass through skin and into the tissue below.

Skin Script MSM relieves pain in several ways:

  • It inhibits pain impulses along the C-fibres of the nervous system. These fibres carry messages of pain from damaged tissue sites to the brain.
  • When rigid fibrous tissue cells swell and become inflamed, pain results. Medical students learn early in their training to recognise inflammation by :
    • Rubor(redness),
    • Calor (Heat),
    • Dolor (Pain),
    • Tumor (swelling),
    • Loss of function.

Inflammation puts pressure on nerves and other tissue causing pain. MSM is a bonafide anti-inflammatory agent and impacts on each of these inflammatory signs in the body. Since MSM can restore flexibility and permeability of cell walls, fluid can pass through the tissue more easily. This helps equalize pressure and reduces or eliminates the cause of spasms and pain. Harmful substances such as lactic acid and toxins are allowed to flow out while nutrients are permitted to flow in which minimises or prevents the pressure build-up that causes inflammation in cells. This accompanied by the muscle relaxing effect of MSM, reduces muscle spasms – a contraction of tissue which often happens in painful conditions. The spasm then triggers the next spasm resulting in the so called “pain spasm cycle”. MSM has the ability to break this cycle.

When Skin Script MSM is combined with Arnica, a fragrant herb, which also relieves pain and inflammation, plus Essential Oils known to soothe and relax muscles and increase blood circulation, a synergistic effect is achieved. In selecting a cream or rub it is important to note the amount of active MSM per gram in the formulation. The higher the active MSM, obviously the better results will be achieved.

The optimal concentration is 30%. In acute painful conditions MSM rub on its own normally achieves remarkable results. In muscle spasms and sports injuries for instance, one can see swelling and inflammation reduced, often within the hour. MSM is available as tablets or capsules containing 1 gram of MSM. It is also available in powder form where 1 teaspoon equals about 5 grams of MSM. The powder form is mixed in water or preferably fruit juice as it has a slight bitter taste. The normal starting dose in the oral form is 3grams a day. Depending on the results you have on low dosages of MSM you may increase the intake per day. Most conditions will respond to 5 – 15 grams per day, but it depends on the severity of the condition, and your body weight. You can increase the dose up to a maximum of one gram per kilogram body weight per day.The optimal effect in pain relief is obtained when the topical rub is used in conjunction with the oral form.

Although Skin Script MSM is one of the least toxic substances in biology or medicine, at higher dosages it would be advisable to discuss the dosage with your pharmacist or doctor. If you are currently on prescribed medication like steroids, Methotraxate or Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory medication, which all have well documented side effects, it may be possible to reduce the dosage once MSM starts taking effect. Should you wish to add MSM to your medication please discuss this with your physician or doctor. MSM is remarkably free of side effects and interaction with other medications. The oral form may have a blood thinning effect on platelet aggregation. This is important to note when a patient is on long term aspirin or a blood thinning agent, and an increase in blood thinning effect, when MSM is added, cannot be ruled out. Indications of such an effect would be the development of bruises or increased bleeding from small cuts. Again discuss this with your doctor or pharmacist. The best pain relief in chronic pain conditions is achieved when MSM topical rub is used with MSM tablets or powder. Adding MSM to your regime will help reduce pain and inflammation, increase tissue oxygenation and restore flexibility. You need to be patient and give MSM time to get into the system before you feel the full benefit. The topical rub is normally applied three times a day to the affected area, and can be reduced to twice a day once pain relief is achieved. In treating shin-splints, the standard therapy of massage, ice, pain relievers and rest is not very successful. By adding MSM topical and oral forms to the regime, it will get the dedicated athlete back into training sooner.

In a small clinical study reported in the International Journal of Anti-Ageing Medicine, sixteen patients aged between 55 and 78 participated in a double blind study. The patients were randomly assigned into two groups. One group of ten patients was given 750 milligrams of MSM 3 times a day and the other 6 patients took placebo tablets matching the MSM pills in appearance, three times a day. Neither the patient nor the overseeing physician knew who was taking the MSM or the placebo tablets. All the patients had degenerative joint disease, confirmed by X-ray and had suffered from pain for many months or years. Most had used NSAID’s or aspirin-type medication for relief. This medication was stopped prior to the study. All patients in the study, except one, reported improvement while taking MSM.

At the four week mark, patients on MSM described an average of 60% improvement in pain relief and mobility, and at six weeks, 82% improvement was experienced. The patients on placebo had a 20% improvement at 4 weeks and 18 % improvement at 6 weeks. Most patients with chronic pain noticed substantial relief of pain within three to four weeks. There were also patients who showed marked relief within days. This allows the patient to reduce or even stop strong medications with a high side effect profile, resulting in safer pain relief.

Patients with scars, allergic skin conditions and even dermatitis will benefit from MSM rub, combined with oral MSM, and are often amazed at the results. One patient suffering with leathery and cracking heels which was very uncomfortable, painful and unsightly started using MSM rub. After three weeks she started seeing improvement and at four weeks the skin of the heels was much softer and the cracks were gone. MSM rub and MSM tablets or powder is very reasonably priced. Most pharmacies and healthcare shops can order MSM in powder form and Skin Scripts MSM rub if not on the shelf.

Skin Script MSM can make a big difference to your quality and enjoyment of life.


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