Morning Procedure


    • Please take PICOPREP as directed by your doctor
    • Time as well as interval between doses may vary on individual instructions
    • The doctor may prescribe 2 or 3 sachets PICOPREP depending on individual needs
    • A clean bowel is extremely important for your planned procedure
    • Please follow instructions carefully. The procedure cannot be done if your bowel is not clean
    • Bowel movements start within 2-3 hours after taking the first PicoPrep dose, and may continue intermittently for up to three hours after the last dose
    • PicoPrep produces watery stools which will become clear with no solid matter
      It is advisable to remain near a toilet and apply Vaseline around anus before and after each stool.

TWO days before the procedure:

Follow a soft, Fibre-free diet on this day e.g. Pasta, pumpkin, steamed fish or chicken, clear soup, clear jelly. Avoid fibrous vegetables and fruit with seeds or pips.

ONE day before the procedure:

At 08h00 – Breakfast of boiled egg and white bread with tea / coffee or fruit juice.
Thereafter only clear liquids – no milk or dairy products allowed.

Drink at least one glass of clear fluids each hour from 10h00 to bedtime.

Recommended fluids : Water, Black Tea / Coffee, Clear strained chicken noodle soup, Bovril drinks, clear fruit juices eg Apple, Litchie, Grape juice, Isotonic drinks (Energade, Game), Rehidrate & Jelly (only green and yellow)
No milk or dairy products allowed. No orange, red & purple drinks allowed.

Drink only clear fluids for lunch and supper.

At 12h00 mix one sachet PicoPrep in 200ml hot water, stir to dissolve, add ice to chill and drink followed by a glass of water.

The doctor may prescribe the next sachet to be taken at 16h00 followed by a glass of water.

At 20H00 mix one sachet PicoPrep as directed and drink followed by a glass of water.

Keep drinking approved clear fluids until bedtime.

Nothing more to drink for 4 hours before the procedure.


It is beneficial to take a course of QuatroFlora capsules after the procedure to restore intestinal flora.