Afternoon Procedure


  • Please take PICOPREP as directed by your doctor.
  • Time as well as interval between doses may vary on individual instructions.
  • The doctor may prescribe 2 or 3 sachets PICOPREP depending on individual needs.
  • Please follow instructions carefully. The success of your examination depends on the bowel being as clear as possible.
  • Bowel movements start within 2-3 hours after taking the first PicoPrep dose, and may continue intermittently for up to two hours after the last dose.
  • PicoPrep produces watery stools which will become clear with no solid matter.
  • It is advisable to remain near a toilet Apply Vaseline to the anus before & after each stool

TWO days before the procedure

Follow a soft, Fibre-free diet on this day e.g. Pasta, pumpkin, steamed fish or chicken, clear soup, clear jelly. Avoid fibrous vegetables and fruit with seeds or pips.


Have a normal breakfast, and at 13h00 a light lunch of boiled/poached egg and white bread with tea/coffee or fruit juice

Thereafter CLEAR FLUIDS ONLY – drink at least one glass per hour from 13h00 until bedtime.

Recommended fluids :
Water, Black Tea / Coffee, Clear strained chicken noodle soup,
Bovril drinks, clear fruit juices eg Apple, Litchie, Grape juice, Isotonic drinks (Energade, Game),
Rehidrate & Jelly (only green and yellow)
No milk or dairy products allowed
No orange, red & purple drinks allowed.

Drink only clear fluids for supper.

16h00 : Mix one sachet PicoPrep in a glass of hot water & stir to form a clear solution.
Chill with ice and drink followed by another glass of water.
The doctor may prescribe the next sachet to be taken at 20h00 followed by a glass of water.


08h00 : Mix one sachet PicoPrep as before and drink followed by a glass of water.
Small sips of water or clear liquids may be taken until 10h00
Nothing more to drink for 4 hours before the procedure.

Sedation is given – please ensure there will be someone to drive you home.

It is beneficial to take QuatroFlora capsules after the procedure to restore intestinal flora.