About Beta-Gel

Beta-gel lubricant has been formulated to conform to the body’s own natural lubrication, while providing reliability and effectiveness during the following practices

  • Colorectal examinations
  • Gynaecological procedures
  • Ultrasound procedures
  • Inserting catheters

Beta-gel comes in a convenient 500ml bottle with a pump dispenser.

The cost of Beta-gel has been structured to give users value for money.


  • Provides a constant lubrication that is similar to the body’s own natural lubrication and has a pH of 4.7
  • Beta-gel is easily applied, adheres well and will not damage rubber, metal or textiles
  • Beta-gel is developed and manufactured in South Africa under strict standards and conditions approved by the MCC
  • Beta-gel is registered and contains preservatives for extended shelf life
  • Beta-Gel has a NAPPI code for a single dose to facilitate billing in a doctors surgery, day theatre or hospital ward.